Iran Financial Center is the “Powerful” Partner of John Wiley & Sons Limited

Three-year cooperation agreement between Iran Financial Center and Wiley was signed this morning on Monday 21th Nov. in Securities and Exchange Organization. In this ceremony CEO of Iran Financial Center declared that the objectives of this cooperation is to expand applicable training and cooperation with international companies to deepen financial knowledge of capital market participants. According to the press release of Public Relations of Iran Financial Center, Ali Naghavi stated at the start of this ceremony: “In order to achieve these objectives, exclusive representation for test preparation courses of Certified Internal Auditor, Certified Management Accounting, and Chartered Financial Analyst is entrusted to Iran Financial Center by Wiley. The duration of this contract will be three years. These courses will be held online, in the form of Wiley effective learning project and simultaneously with other countries of the world such as China and India and they are among the latest preparation courses for professional certificates in the world”. He added: “among the needs of Iran Capital Market for communication and engaging in international activities are people who hold professional certificates which provide the possibility to operate in international financial institutes.” Naghavi expressed hope that this contract provides a good opportunity for experts and managers so that they can have a crucial role in the developing Capital Market activities. In conclusion he noted that: One of the characteristics of this contract is that Iranian students who are out of the country also have the opportunity to enroll for aforementioned preparation courses which is a strength point. According to this report registration date starts from 5th December.

Wiley is a Leading Company in Financial Training

Aziz Tayyebi, Wiley Director of International Development also stated that Wiley is a leading company in financial training and declared: “Wiley chooses its partners so vigilantly and carefully. Considering the strength that we have in providing educational services our policy is to engage in to partnership with partners like our own.” He added: “Considering the shareholding combination of Iran Financial Center which are mainly Exchanges, they have a good access to the Capital Market participants in Iran. Since the ultimate goal of this company is to raise the level of knowledge for capital market participants and other financial markets in Iran, our long-term partnership with IFC can be very effective and will lead to flourishing financial knowledge in Iran more and more.”

A Step Toward Globalization of Capital Markets

Bahador Bijani, vice president of Securities and Exchange Organization Chairman in international affairs was another lecturer of this ceremony. After he declared that Iran Financial Center is a young and earnest company he expressed that it can play a vital role in educating and improving knowledge of Iranian Capital market participants. He remarked signing this cooperation contract between IFC and Wiley is of great importance. He also said: “Internationalization of Iran Capital Market is a key element of SEO’s policy and I believe such international training initiatives and partnerships may well serve that purpose.” He also pointed to the training package of Wily and said: “For me the most popular package is the one that comes with “Partner Until You Pass”: the one that provides extra insurance to help me pass the exam. Such guarantee is unique. Bijani expressed hope that this is most certainly the first step towards what I hope will be the start of a long-lasting beneficial relationship between the two partners. Ali Saeedi, Deputy of supervision on Financial Institutions of SEO, Seyed Ahmad Araghchi, Member of the Board and Chief Executive Officer of SEO, Seyed Ali Hosseini, Board Chairman of IFC and CEO of Energy Exchange, Amir Hamooni, Board member of IFC and CEO of Iran Fara Bourse and a group of Capital Market journalists attended this ceremony.